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    We Are Still Open But….

    March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020

We Are Still Open But….

Clinic updates: 26 March 2020

According to the government updates on covid-19 situation: we are a health-related service and can remain open. 
Of course safety and hygiene are number one. There’s a few things being implemented to insure the safety of everyone around us:

1)Social distancing. Patient appointments will be spread out to allow for disinfecting between visits and sanitizing. 
2)Patients must be screened before entering the clinic. If a practitioner or patient fails screening neither should attend the clinic. 
3)If patient and practitioner pass screening, then treatment can proceed with full infection control which now extends to masks 😷 gloves 🧤 and other protective equipment for at least the practitioner. 

This interpretation of the rules is as if 11:59p wed 25 March 2020

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