Brain Injury Improvement with Acupuncture

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Includes: Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis, Health History (acupuncture not included)



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Acupuncture has helped millions of people.

Now its your turn!

Acupuncture is based on a system of points and meridians which has a rich history dating back thousands of years from ancient China. Through stimulating different points throughout the body, acupuncture is able to tap into the body’s own natural healing ability. Recent studies how shown how acupuncture affects the limbic system (the part which controls sensation of pain) and causes release endorphins and also increases blood flow and circulation to different areas of the body.

Needles are placed distally to the area pain and all treatments can be performed while the patient is in a seated position or lying down. The only parts of the body needed are the lower arms, legs, and the head.  The body begins to correct the root of the problem from the very first treatment.

Our Acupuncturists

Bob Wong is an AHPRA licensed, sixth generation acupuncturist from the USA. He  currently works from his acupuncture Brisbane clinic. He has experience working in China, USA, and Australia with a special focus in chronic pain, Women’s Health, Fertility and IVF supportPregnancy Care, Neurological Disorders, Back Pain,Sciatica,Frozen Shoulder,Arthritis, Bell’s palsy, and other musculoskeletal ailments.

Bob Wong spent 8 years training and learning from some of the best acupuncturists in southern China at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. His fluency of the Chinese language enables a deeper grasp and understanding of Chinese medicine to benefit his patients.

His goal now is to help as many people he can through natural methods of healing. When not treating patients, Bob Wong does lecturing and workshops and is on the board of the advisors for the Acupuncture Now Foundation.

Bob Wong has a great interest in emphasizing the importance of preventative medicine. His goal is to help people realize some of the unhealthy patterns and habits they may have in their lives thereby allowing them to take an active part in their own healing process. 

Instead of the common band-aid approach, whereby the symptoms are merely masked by conventional drugs for certain ailments, he believes it is much more beneficial  to get to the root of what causes the problem. 

“To administer medicine after an illness begins.. is like digging a well after becoming thirsty or casting weapons after a battle has engaged.” – Huang Di Nei Jing 

Special Offer

Initial Exam $57

              Includes: Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis, Postural Analysis (acupuncture not included)

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  •  AHPRA licensed acupuncturist (CMR0001848843)
  • ATMS (Australian traditional Medicine Society 27960)
  • Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Bachelors of Medicine (BS) Medicine  Acupuncture and Tui Na
  • First Affiliated Hospital Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine 2008-2013
  • University of Illinois Chicago Bachelor’s of Economics
  • Dr. Tan’s Balance method 2014
  • Dr. Robert Chu Master Tung Acupuncture Training Course 2015
  • Dr. Zhu Scalp acupuncture Stroke and Spinal cord injury recovery 2016
  • Dr. Zhu Scalp acupuncture Internal medicine, neurological disorders 2017

  •  100% Natural Treatment



Get Started on Your Health Journey.

  • Chronic Pain

    Acupuncture releases a natural chemical in the body called beta morphine which works 1000 times faster than painkillers without the damaging side effects .

  • Scalp Acupuncture for Dizziness

    Health Maintenance

    Whether you are tired, stressed out, or just need to rebalance your body we are always here to help you in achieving your health goals.

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