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August 16, 2020

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Get out of pain

ways you can reduce pain: 

1)  Detox / diet alcohol, diary, sugar and nicotine – these all cause inflammation in the body. When your gut biome is out of balance it can throw your entire body off.

There is a great book by Guilia Enders that talks about the importance of gut health.  By reducing the chemical stress, it gives your body a chance to heal properly.

Check out your local naturopath for more info.

2) Get moving – in the 1970’s if a doctor would tell patients to go to pilates or yoga, they would’ve been laughed out of the room by their fellow colleagues.

Nowadays, Yoga and pilates are  both very mainstream. Which is a great thing because most of us are desk bound on a computer which leads to repetitive strain on your neck and back.

A little bit of stretching and strengthening goes a very long way. 

3) Acupressure – This is ancient system of treatment that can be easily learned where certain pressure points from nerve pathways are stimulated to help reduce pain. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to my acupressure youtube channel HERE to learn tips on getting pain relief.