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September 4, 2018

Easy to Learn Fertility Acupressure

acupressure can aid in your fertility

What is Acupressure Massage?

Acupressure is a therapeutic, non-invasive style of massage based off the acupuncture system of meridians and channels. This style of massage has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 3500 years! Acupressure massage uses a combination of relaxation & deep tissue massage on specific acupressure points in order to improve circulation & energy in other areas of the body.

One of the best things about acupressure massage is that it can be done entirely at home by you or your partner, making it FREE, easily accessible & convenient.


How does Acupressure help with fertility?

There are a number of ways in which acupressure massage can assist with fertility & conception, here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Helps increase blood flow systemically
  • Allows circulation to increase in the uterus and other reproductive organs.
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Can be used in conjunction with other fertility treatments i.e. IVF
  • May support natural hormone balance

Unfortunately acupressure massage isn’t safe to use during pregnancy, so if you are pregnant or think you may be do not use. To book a consultation with Bob Wong to discuss other supportive options please click here.


How do you do it?

Another fantastic benefit of acupressure massage is that it’s relatively quick & easily to administer by either you or your partner. Simply hold each point for the total of 20-30 seconds, release & repeat for 1-2 mins. A sore or achy sensation may be experienced, this is perfectly normal.

li 4

Location: between the index and thumb. mid between at the junction.

Indications:  Aside from fertility it also helps with headaches, digestive issues, stress and anxiety.

fertility acupressure

Li 4 point




Location: On the sole of the foot between the second and third toes, at the depression near ball of the foot.

massage towards the big toe.

Indications: headaches, dizziness, vertigo, stress

fertility acupressure








Location: On the inside of the ankle, three finger breadths above the inner ankle.

Indications: period pain, groin pain, irritability, cramping


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Bob Wong is an AHPRA licensed, sixth generation acupuncturist from the USA. He  currently works from his acupuncture Brisbane clinic. He has experience working in China, USA, and Australia with a special focus in chronic pain, Women’s Health, Fertility, Pregnancy Care, Stroke Recovery, Neurological Disorders, Back Pain,Sciatica,Frozen Shoulder,Arthritis,Bell’s palsy, and other musculoskeletal ailments.

September 25, 2016

Stroke Recovery With Scalp Acupuncture

Acupuncture For Acute Stroke Case Study in Asia

Acupuncture in the west is mostly known for chronic pain. However, Scalp acupuncture can be applied in acute emergency situations as well.

What is Scalp Acupuncture?

Scalp acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. In modern acupuncture today it is one the most common treatments used for post-stroke recovery and as the name suggests, involves inserting acupuncture needles into acupoints in the scalp. In fact, scalp acupuncture rather than regular body treatment appears to be much more effective at treating neurological conditions including stroke.

How can it assist stroke recovery?

Scalp acupuncture can be an effective way to improve neurological symptoms, including difficulty speaking/writing/reading, memory loss & reduction of motor skills, which can occur post-stroke.

The acupuncture needle insertion sites, being much closer to the affected areas of the brain, are believed to encourage the brains neuroplasticity by stimulating the cerebral cortex (region of the brain responsible for memory, perception, learning, cognition, awareness, language & motor function) (1). The needles are often stimulated slightly by the acupuncturist (this cannot be felt by the patient) and often left in for a number of hours afterwards.

M 90, family members woke up to find him unresponsive and rushed him to the ER. He was unable to speak and had scans done. Zhu scalp acupuncture was applied by Dr. Zhu and his team and the patient was able to speak again after 20 minutes. After 3 days of treatment this patient was able to be discharged and cleared to go home.


stroke recovery

Patient brain scan


Not only is this efficient and  cost effective, it also frees up doctors in the inpatient wards to attend to other life threatening diseases. Hopefully the hospitals in the west will start to integrate and use acupuncture in for these types of situations someday.

youtube video here


Research (2) has suggested that scalp acupuncture may be effective due to the influence it has on the following factors:

  • reducing brain odema (swelling)
  • promote repair of blood brain barrier to prevent further damage occurring from unwanted molecules crossing this essential barrier.
  • reducing chronic inflammation to allow for brain tissue repair
  • improving neuron function & communication allowing for faster recovery & return of normal functionality.

Stimulating the scalp may encourage the brains neuroplasticity by stimulating the cerebral cortex may help in stroke recovery.

One of the most important factors of treatment is TIME. The sooner treatment begins the better the outcome. However, this is not always the case, positive results may still be seen if treatment begins beyond the ‘3-6 month’ recommended recovery window. Even years later treatment may still be effective. It’s never too late to consider treatment.

For more information on Scalp Acupuncture training in Australia contact: soohian@gmail.com

  • Not a paid endorsement but I really do believe this is next level acupuncture. Acupuncture that works in acute situations that can actually save lives and make the world a better place.

Bob Wong was raised in a traditional Chinese medicine family and moved to mainland China to study and train for almost a decade. During that time, he was able to learn from some of the top acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners in at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. His mission is not bring that knowledge and experience to help his patients.

Bob Wong currently maintains an acupuncture practice in the Brisbane area and lectures at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. For more information you can read his full bio or schedule and appointment.

*The owner of this site is not liable for any misfortune that should befall a visitor to this site.This site does not offer personal advice & no information on it can be construed as personal advice. In the event that you may feel our therapies may be of benefit, we advise you to contact the clinic to make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment.

September 24, 2016

Ling Gu Da Bai 灵骨 大白

Master Tung’s Ling Gu  Da Bai: lower back pain acupuncture points

lower back pain acupuncture points

lower back pain acupuncture points

Master Tung’s Ling Gu Da Bai (灵骨大白) 22.04 -22.05

Two really great points for immediate relief of lower back pain. I learned about these points from Dr. Tan’s balance method seminar a few years ago.

Located between the index and thumb between the first and second metacarpal bones. Ling Gu is more like a high LI4 & Da Bai is closer to Li3 in TCM.

Da Bai

Location: Lock fingers in a grip to locate the point in the depression 0.5 cun proximal to the junction between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. (Young, 2008.)

Ling gu

Location: between the index and thumb, the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, 1.2 cun from Da Bai. (Young, 2008.)


This set of points definitely has great effects for sciatica, lower back, and variety of different diseases. Because these points are located on the Yang ming channel (yang ming is abundant in qi and blood,) they are able get quite immediate effective result for many patients.

The Chinese character “bai” in Da bai translates to “Big White” which relates to lung because in TCM white is the color representing the lung. Therefore Da Bai treats respiratory diseases.

Ling Gu in Chinese translates to “Adroit Bone,” which treats lower back pain and Kidney diseases since Bone pertains to Kidney in TCM.

There are two dozen more reasons why these work but all I know is that they work.

youtube vid HERE

Master Tung came from one of the most prestigous acupuncture familes in Taiwan. This style of acupuncture is renowned for having fast and instantaneous results. If you are an acupuncturist and getting crap results at best with TCM, you should really look into Master Tung points.

For full Master Tung Trainings check out either Brad WhisnantRobert Chu, or Dr. Young. Def worth the investment as an acupuncturist.

Master Tung Acupuncture books by Dr. Young Here

  • Not a paid endorsement. Just spreading the art.


Young, Wei-Chieh, and Jingchang Dong. Lectures on Tung’s Acupuncture: Points Study. Rowland Heights, CA: American Chinese Medical Culture Center, 2008. Print.

Bob Wong is comes from a family background of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. When not practicing and teaching, he is usually taking photos of things and making videos.

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September 17, 2015

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