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    Stroke Recovery With Scalp Acupuncture

    September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016

Stroke Recovery With Scalp Acupuncture

Acupuncture For Acute Stroke Case Study in Asia

Acupuncture in the west is mostly known for chronic pain. However, Scalp acupuncture can be applied in acute emergency situations as well.

What is Scalp Acupuncture?

Scalp acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. In modern acupuncture today it is one the most common treatments used for post-stroke recovery and as the name suggests, involves inserting acupuncture needles into acupoints in the scalp. In fact, scalp acupuncture rather than regular body treatment appears to be much more effective at treating neurological conditions including stroke.

How can it assist stroke recovery?

Scalp acupuncture can be an effective way to improve neurological symptoms, including difficulty speaking/writing/reading, memory loss & reduction of motor skills, which can occur post-stroke.

The acupuncture needle insertion sites, being much closer to the affected areas of the brain, are believed to encourage the brains neuroplasticity by stimulating the cerebral cortex (region of the brain responsible for memory, perception, learning, cognition, awareness, language & motor function) (1). The needles are often stimulated slightly by the acupuncturist (this cannot be felt by the patient) and often left in for a number of hours afterwards.

M 90, family members woke up to find him unresponsive and rushed him to the ER. He was unable to speak and had scans done. Zhu scalp acupuncture was applied by Dr. Zhu and his team and the patient was able to speak again after 20 minutes. After 3 days of treatment this patient was able to be discharged and cleared to go home.


stroke recovery

Patient brain scan


Not only is this efficient and  cost effective, it also frees up doctors in the inpatient wards to attend to other life threatening diseases. Hopefully the hospitals in the west will start to integrate and use acupuncture in for these types of situations someday.

youtube video here


Research (2) has suggested that scalp acupuncture may be effective due to the influence it has on the following factors:

  • reducing brain odema (swelling)
  • promote repair of blood brain barrier to prevent further damage occurring from unwanted molecules crossing this essential barrier.
  • reducing chronic inflammation to allow for brain tissue repair
  • improving neuron function & communication allowing for faster recovery & return of normal functionality.

Stimulating the scalp may encourage the brains neuroplasticity by stimulating the cerebral cortex may help in stroke recovery.

One of the most important factors of treatment is TIME. The sooner treatment begins the better the outcome. However, this is not always the case, positive results may still be seen if treatment begins beyond the ‘3-6 month’ recommended recovery window. Even years later treatment may still be effective. It’s never too late to consider treatment.

For more information on Scalp Acupuncture training in Australia contact: soohian@gmail.com

  • Not a paid endorsement but I really do believe this is next level acupuncture. Acupuncture that works in acute situations that can actually save lives and make the world a better place.

Bob Wong was raised in a traditional Chinese medicine family and moved to mainland China to study and train for almost a decade. During that time, he was able to learn from some of the top acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners in at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. His mission is not bring that knowledge and experience to help his patients.

Bob Wong currently maintains an acupuncture practice in the Brisbane area and lectures at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. For more information you can read his full bio or schedule and appointment.

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