November 6, 2016

Acupuncture point SI3

Acupuncture point SI3 后溪

acupuncture point si3

acupuncture point si3

SI3 后溪

This Personal fav point for neck and lower back pain. Located on the ulnar border of the hand, in the substantial depres- sion proximal to the head of the fifth metacarpal bone (Deadman, 2007.)

It is a great point for neck and lower back pain because bladder channel (tai yang treats tai yang) and also because it is the shu-stream point of the Small intestine channel. As the confluent point of the Du channel it can treat spine. Shu-stream points on yang channels pertain to wood, which treat tendons and sinews as well. According to The Classic of Difficulties, the shu-stream points are indicated for “heaviness of the body and pain of the joints.””Moreover, the shu stream points are situated in the middle of the five transport points, which can be thought of as between interior and exterior.. which is why shu-stream points are excellent for treating conditions that come and go.” (Young, 2013.)

SI3 can be used as an image of the upper or lower back and occipital headaches as well. It works better when paired with BL65 which is also another shu stream point. As acupuncturists, we treat a wide range of of pain most of the time and it is definitely a great point to have in the tool box.




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