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    Easy To Learn Infant Massage Techniques For Sleep

    November 18, 2015

November 18, 2015

Easy To Learn Infant Massage Techniques For Sleep

Pediatric Tui Na massage Techniques For Sleep

Pediatric Tui Na or Chinese infant massage can be very effective when you have a baby that is unsettled and does not want to go to sleep. I actually learned these technique way back in school and never thought anything of them until we had a baby ourselves.

These techniques are very easy to learn and require no tools, and very simple yet effective. You can do these techniques along the bladder channel which are the muscles right next to the spine (see video below.)

These are great to work on because they represent different organs along the nervous system and helps release those tight muscles that may be overworked from crawling all day and destroying things. (you’d be surprised how tight they are once you start massaging them.)Here are three easy to learn massage techniques that you can do to help calm the littles ones before bed

1)Kneading (rou fa)Press two fingers on a point or area, rotate them in a circular motion slowly and moving down the back from top to bottom.

2)  Pinching and Pulling (nie fa)
This technique is commonly used on the paraspinal muscles, (the muscles next to the spine). Start at the base of the neck and move down in a straight line progressing toward the buttocks. Pinch a small amount of muscle tissue  up between your index finger and thumb with a firm but gentle pressure. Then, continue to roll your thumbs forward as you release and grab more muscle tissue.. This technique is used for general well being as well as digestive issues. For constipation start from the top and work toward the bottom and for diarrhea work from bottom to top.

3) Straight Pushing (zhi tui fa)
Push your palm, in a straight line down the back slowly repeatedly about 60-100 times per minute.

All techniques should be used with gentle force.


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Bob Wong was raised in a traditional Chinese medicine family and moved to mainland China to study and train for almost a decade. During that time, he was able to learn from some of the top acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners in at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. His mission is not bring that knowledge and experience to help his patients.

Bob Wong currently maintains an acupuncture practice in the Brisbane area and lectures at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. For more information you can read his full bio or schedule andappointment.

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*Caution please do not use these techniques on any open wounds, sores, or any areas that may be injured. If in doubt please consult your physician.


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