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    needle shock in acupuncture

January 6, 2021

What Causes Needle Shock in Acupuncture?

Needle shock in acupuncture rarely happens but it does. Practitioners described it as a
feeling of faintness, chilliness and slight nausea. According to health experts, needle shock
most likely to happen in patients who are nervous about needles.

Meanwhile exhaustion and fatigue can also be contributing factors. Most of the time, needle
shock occurs when a patient has low blood sugar prior to an acupuncture treatment. You see,
one of the health benefits of acupuncture is to lower sugar levels in the body. When a patient
has not eaten before a treatment, there is a higher chance that a patient may experiencing
needle shock.

While needle shock can be uncomfortable, it is not considered harmful. This is why you need
to talk to a licensed acupuncturist to provide you with information with possible side-effects.
This includes how to avoid needle in acupuncture treatment.

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