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    Master Tung’s Fu Ke 妇科 point

September 24, 2016

Master Tung’s Fu Ke 妇科 point

Master Tung’s Fu Ke 妇科 point

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I learned this great point from one of Dr. Robert Chu’s Tung point seminars. Its a really great reaction point of the uterus and is literally named “gynaecology” or “妇科“ (fu ke) in Chinese.

Located at the ulnar aspect of the proximal segment on the dorsal side of the thumb. This point connects to the uterus via Lung channel (tai yin) & Bladder channel (tai yang) and is therefore indicated for female diseases. (Young, 2008.)

It’s definitely an interesting and effective set of points for fertilty and a good way to avoid patients from having to take their pants off. :

Master Tung came from one of the most prestigous acupuncture familes in Taiwan. This style of acupuncture is renowned for having fast and instantaneous results. If you are an acupuncturist and getting crap results at best with TCM, you should really look into Master Tung points.

Master Tung Acupuncture books by Dr. Young Here

*Not a paid endorsement.


Young, Wei-Chieh, and Jingchang Dong. Lectures on Tung’s Acupuncture: Points Study. Rowland Heights, CA: American Chinese Medical Culture Center, 2008. Print.

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