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    GB20 acupressure point

January 21, 2021

GB20 Acupressure Point (The Headache Relief)

This video shows the GB20 Acupressure Point. The GB20 or Gallbladder 20 is located
on the nape. It is the tender spot at the bottom of your head where the neck muscles
are attached to the skull. This acupressure point is great for treating headaches, migraines,
shoulder tension, and neck pain. 

To apply pressure, locate the GB20 point using your thumbs. Then, gently yet firmly press
the point for 5 to 15 seconds. You can also apply pressure in a circular motion. Aside from
headaches, the GB20 acupressure point can also relieve pain and tension in other parts of
the body. Try it. You will love it. 

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