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January 17, 2021

Favourite Neck Stretches (Muscle Tightness Relief)

This video features my favourite neck stretches. These neck stretches can help relieve
muscle tightness and tension. You see, due to poor posture, the head and the neck can
drift forward. Over time, the muscles in the neck and chest shorten and become tight.
This, usually what causes neck and shoulder pain. Fortunately, there are neck stretches
you can do to relieve neck and shoulder tension.

Moreover, these stretches can also help increase flexibility. They can also help improve
the range of motion in your shoulder. Thus making these neck stretches a habit, can help
defuse stress. In fact, adding these stretches to your daily routine can have a positive
effect on your state of mind.

Be sure to watch the video “Favourite Neck Stretches” and feel better. To know more about
how Chinese medicine can help, call 07 3399 1002. Meanwhile,
you can also send us an email to info@artofacupuncture.com.au