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    cupping therapy for shoulder pain relief

January 23, 2021

Cupping Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relief

The video shows cupping therapy for shoulder pain relief. So what is cupping therapy?
Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine practice. It is a technique used to stimulate
blood flow in the body. This makes cupping therapy an effective treatment in relieving
muscle tightness, soreness, and tension.

To illustrate this ancient therapeutic treatment works by placing special cups onto
the skin. These cups then create a vacuum on the applied areas. As a result, the muscles
and tissues is sucked or drawn upwards. Now, this causes an increase in blood flow and
loosens the muscles and tissues. Thus, stimulating the natural healing process of the

Moreover, cupping is considered a deep tissue massage. This is due to its functions and
numerous benefits. Some of these include breaking up scar tissues and reducing pain in
the shoulders, back, and neck areas.

Furthermore, cupping may cause temporary soreness and bruises. However, these are not
harmful. TCM practitioners actually view them as favourable outcomes. In fact, soreness
and bruises are indications that blockages and toxins in the body are removed successfully.

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