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    common signs of diabetes

January 12, 2021

Common Signs of Diabetes

This video shows the common signs of diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic health condition. Mainly, it affects how your body turns food into energy.
To better understand diabetes, you need to understand how food are used by the body. The
food you eat is broken down into sugar which is also called glucose. Subsequently, the glucose
is then released into the bloodstream. They then travel throughout your organ systems to be
used as energy.

Thus, when the blood sugar in body the goes up, your pancreas releases insulin. Insulin is
responsible for making sure glucose is absorbed by your body and used as energy.

If you have diabetes, there are two scenarios. One is that your body does not produce enough
insulin. And second, your body cannot use the insulin it makes as it should. As a result, glucose
stays in your bloodstream and causes health problems.

Additionally, know the common signs of diabetes today by watching the video.

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