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    acupressure for low back pain

January 27, 2021

Where to Press for Low Back Pain?

Do you suffer from low back pain? This video shows you the acupressure points for low
back pain relief.

Now the lumbar region is what we commonly know as the lower back. This area starts
below the ribcage down to the upper part of your buttocks. More importantly, it
compromises a remarkable interconnection of joints, bones, ligaments, nerves, and
muscles. This complex structure all works together to provide your body with support,
strength, and flexibility.

However, because of its complex anatomy, this leaves the lumbar region susceptible
to pain and injury. For instance mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries. These
are also the most common causes of low back pain. Thankfully, you can do something
about the pain.

Thus, watch the video to know the acupressure points for low back pain relief. Should the
pain persists, consult a doctor right away. To know more about how Chinese medicine
can help, call us at 07 3399 1002 or send an email to

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